Roy Yokelson

Emmy Award winning audio director Roy Yokelson (aka 'Uncle Roy') has been serving the voice-over, film, and music industries for over 35 years. Having worked on staff and freelance at many major New York City recording studios, he has been involved in every aspect of the audio business that involves voice-overs. This includes: animation dialog recording and directing, ADR, audio book direction, recording and production, radio production, TV soundtrack production, narration for documentaries and other long format TV shows and award-winning films, TV promos, translation services and IVR/telephony sound file production.

Roy has worked with many celebrities as voiceovers as well as singers. He is a film score recording engineer/producer, audio director, Killer demo producer, home studio expert, and talent manager. A master at dialog editing, pacing, sound design, ADR, foley, mixing and mastering, Roy can do it all!

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